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SEBO Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

& SCOTCHGARD Protection


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Totally Dry. Proven, anti-bacterial and anti-allergy product. Also removes pet-hairs from carpets whilst cleaning. 


Walk on carpets immediately.   *Ideal for Commercial Carpet Cleaning - offices, rental properties, medical & hospitality industry, homes with pets or sick people.  *Works on industrial carpets *A must for wool carpets - no shrinkage

*No more wet, sticky, smelly carpets   *No mouldy underfelt  *Removes grime effectively.   

*No carpet bumps   *Rug cleaning (no colour runs)

High traffic areas and stained areas may be slightly damp, due to stain removers used on these areas.

2 Accreditations for our SEBO Product:

The GAF Allergy Research Centre in Germany established in long term research that 6 months after a single cleaning with Sebo Duo-P cleaning powder, 7 out of 10 Carpets still had no trace of dust mite allergens.  

 *NRCS SEBO Anti-bacterial product Registration No: Act5GNR529/208889/090/0814

How it works:  Non-toxic cleaning sponges are brushed into the carpet with roller machines, absorbing dirt etc., this is then vacuumed out, leaving carpets hygienic and clean.