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MASTER GUARD+ prevents most accidental stains from soaking into the fabric, guaranteeing ease of cleaning and prevention of staining and peace of mind!

How does it work?  This eco-friendly formula contains polymers that will surround each fibre of your fabric to prevent stains from setting into the fabric. These polymers allow liquid to "bead" instead of soaking into your fabric allowing for ease of removal before staining occurs.  On tight woven fabric, beading is more visible.  

The protection will prevent staining from oil and water-based stains, including human excretions!  Masterguard+ also contains sunscreens to slow down premature fading from the sun's harmful UV rays. Prevents oil and water-based stains from penetrating upholstery and fabrics eg. Oil, Coffee, Red wine, Tomato juice and sauce, Flavoured sodas, Chocolate drinks and many more.

How do I maintain it?  It can withstand 2-3 professional cleanings before having to re-apply.  Routine care and maintenance of your furniture following application of Masterguard+ would include:  overall dusting, rotating cushions and furniture to ensure even wear.

How do I handle a spillL?  Immediately blot spills gently with a dry cloth to avoid too much soaking into the furniture.  DO NOT RUB THE SPILL AREA!  If a dry stain occurs? Gently agitate stain with a clean, dry cloth, then vacuum away any loose remains.  If the stain is still apparent? Call Masterguard+ Customer Service Department at 0800 204 163 for further assistance.  

Benefits & features:  Provides a full 3 year guarantee against anything you can eat or drink.  Good for use on all fabrics,  Water-based formula, non-toxic, contains no silicone.  Penetrates deep into the fibre to protect fabric from the inside out.  Provides a barrier against the abrasion of dirt & dust, increasing the fabric durability.  Contains UV3 inhibitors to reduce fading due to  UV exosure from sunlight.  

SPECIAL OFFER:  Clean & protect your upholstery the same day to receive our special discounted rate!

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