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*Effective *Dry *Non-Toxic *Removes Allergens, pet-hairs, fleas & dirt from carpets.   Call RAYMOND 0824586957.  Free Quotes.   No call-out fees!    We gladly accept Credit/Debit cards!

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Operating in Cape Town & the Helderberg since 1997. 



Best Carpet Cleaning System : SEBO:   A Proven German System that is non-toxic and DRY!

Excellent on Wool, Industrial Carpets & Oriental Rugs.     

  • No more wet carpets, sticky residue, nor mouldy underfelt.
  • No more carpet bumps , nor carpet shrinkage.     
  • Restores carpet pile with cleaning brushes. 

How it works?  Non-toxic alcohol cleaning solvents are brushed into the carpet pile; absorbing dust-mite allergens, pet-hairs, grime etc. This is then vacuumed out, leaving carpets hygienic and clean.

We do corportates, hospitals, guest houses, homes. Why use the rest when you can use the best!  

Deep-cleaning of Mattresses & Upholstery.  Takes a few hours to dry, depending on how dirty it is and amount of humidity in the air.


  • A non-toxic, alternative to Scotchgard.
  •  3 year guarantee.  Stain & UV3 sun protection against fading.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT:  When you clean & protect your upholstery on the same day.